"Serve the Well-Being of Our Community's Children Via Athletic and Academic Activities"
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S P A R T A K  C U P 2010
Spartak Sports Club, Inc. ( was established in 1997.   This organization began as a small judo club.   The club is now a non-profit organization registered in New York State and a lifetime member of The United States Judo Association.   We are an institution at the heart of serving our community in New York area.   Our mission is to: "Serve the Well-Being of Our Community's Children Via Athletic and Academic Activities."   The Spartak Sports Club provides children with a safe haven where they can go to participate in productive activities as a healthy alternative to the time spent on the street.

As an important aspect of this organization, the club attracts and invites troubled children to lessen the bad influence of the "street" and help them succeed in our society.   Spartak proudly reports to have helped such teenagers on their way to becoming students in law, medicine and taking first steps in pursuing other careers.

The club is extremely pleased of the results achieved in the last decade. Spartak Sports Club produced outstanding judokas.   Our nation wide victories are the club's signature of excellence.   The international achievements are a difference-making factor in the club's profile.   These results brought an immense attention to our club and awoke many athletes' desire to train here.

Approximately, 150 children and teenagers regularly train at the club annually.   Since the club's establishment it has trained and prepared numerous national and international champions.   Amongst those there are participants and medallists of World Championships, Pan American Games and Olympic Games.   Among our leading athletes you will find Olympian William Taraje Murray; national champions Steve Fayzakov, Daniel Yuabov, Daniel Palatnik, Yan Kafarskiy and many other talented sportsmen.

These achievements are due to hard work and dedication of the students and the club’s staff lead by head coach Arkadiy Aronov who recently received the statute of Continental Judo Coach and was recognized the Coach of The Year for contribution to Judo.   Coaches Saro Balagezyan and Vadim Zavlunov help Mr. Aronov train the students and provide needed individualized attention to each judoka.

Spartak Sports Club, Inc. is an organization proud of its accomplishments and the difference they made in the Judo community.