"Serve the Well-Being of Our Community's Children Via Athletic and Academic Activities"
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S P A R T A K  C U P 2010
Spartak Sports Club has a lot of friends.   Be it our students' families, other clubs, Judo governing associations and organizations, local schools, the city of New York and Mayor Bloomberg, and simply our neighbours -- we are always surrounded by great people.   Such an environment creates a warm and hospitable welcome for our members.   This club, by far, is not a regular sports club.   We are a very family and community oriented establishment, which does a great deal for our students.   This helps us maintain a widely diverse culture and provide the maximum benefits to any one at our club.   At Spartak Sports Club you will find a flag of each country and culture represented by our students.   Such a symbol of our diversity is always a welcome message to everybody.   While maintaining such a cultural assortment, we preserve uniformity in providing personalized attention to each of our students.

We are proud to be friends with other Judo clubs such as: Legrosports, Mayo Quanchi Judo, Jimmy Pedro Judo Club, Jason Morris Judo Center .   Regularly we exchange students for a short period of time.   This allows us to learn more and share our experiences.

This site alone will not be able to present the great presence of Judo online.   We highly recommend that you visit these exceptional sites where you are sure to find any information you seek about Judo:
USA Judo,
New York State Judo, Inc.,
Judo Information Site,
Judo Vision,
Jimmy Pedro's site,
Zebra Mats,
Hatashita Sports.
Judo Unlimited.

...and many more...